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Novihome: the first 100% digital property management solution in Switzerland

In a rapidly changing sector Novihome is revolutionising property management by becoming the first fully digital management service in Switzerland. Thanks to a new pricing system based on fixed prices, simplified procedures and a mobile app in 4 languages for national coverage, Novihome offers savings of more than 55% on management costs compared to market rates as well as optimised communication among all the players.

Designed as a tool to optimise management costs and simplify procedures between the management, property owners and tenants, Novihome was born of an observation: that of a sector – property management – that is still largely non-digitalised compared to the banking and insurance sectors, and has to deal with heavy administrative tasks, long processes and high management costs. Active in these three fields through his company which specialises in wealth and asset management, Alain Moscatello, founder and director, has set himself the challenge of creating a fully digital management service of which all the activities – file digitalisation, comprehensive rental management, financial management and communication amongst the various partners – will be entirely carried out via a mobile app. The latter, developed in cooperation with engineers from the EPFL Innovation Park required 2 years’ work. The result: reinvented and digitalised rental management, fast, simple and economical.

A simple and economical pricing system for property owners

With pricing based solely on the type of property, Novihome offers an innovative and efficient solution, enabling property owners to rapidly reach their profitability objectives. Apartments, houses and car parking spaces are billed per unit based on fixed prices, business surface areas are, for their part, billed per m². The rental status does not affect Novihome’s fees. In addition, Novihome does not receive any commission on the various works related to the assets under management, such as work commissions or maintenance contracts. These different tasks are carried out by partners chosen for their competencies in relation to particular requirements, geographical sector and without any exclusivity contract. Thanks to this approach, property owners who choose Novihome save more than 55% on their management costs compared to market rates.

A tailor-made service for tenants

Novihome has also made tenant satisfaction and attentiveness – two aspects that are so often overlooked – a priority. At any time, they can contact Novihome via the app using the CHAT function, for questions relating to works, invoices or leases: a personalised response based on a genuine assessment of their needs will be provided to the tenant.

Advantages all round

From fully digitalised procedures – from tenant validation to lease signature, from registration form to visibility of rented assets and rents – to contact possible at any time via the app, Novihome offers both property owners and tenants a personalised service, truly facilitated exchanges and unmatched responsiveness in the field of property management.

Our team

Alain Moscatello – Founder and administrator

Since 2012, Alain has been Director of a company based in Geneva and specialising in patrimonial advice and asset management. Property management is one of a large array of services offered by his company. Rapidly, Alain realises the potential for optimisation that technological advances represent for the management of property rentals. At the beginning of 2017, convinced of the idea, he decides to develop a mobile app for property rental management.
Based in Geneva, Alain is married and a father of two.

Emilio Montuori – Director

Emilio has the benefit of many years of experience as Key Account Manager for a large services administration.
Originally from the marketing and sales side of things, he joins Novihome during the course of 2018 in order, notably, to finalise the development of the online property management solution.
He is enthusiastic about the new technological solutions being developed in all sectors of activity.
Based in Geneva, Emilio is married and a father of two.


Our management team is responsible for the management of properties (apartments, houses, parking spaces, business premises).
It ensures all the administrative and commercial tasks related to the lease.
Currently the team is made up of one person with 7 years of experience in the field of property management.

Team of engineers and developers

In order to materialise his vision of an entirely digital system, Alain has surrounded himself with a team of engineers and developers specialising in the creation of digital applications. This extremely dynamic partnership, based on discussion and a precise assessment of initial requirements, has made it possible to implement an innovative digital solution with simple and ergonomic interfaces, genuinely easy to use.

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